Review of Sampling Plan

Review of Sampling Plan

For this assignment, you will adopt the role of mentor in evaluating and providing feedback on a sampling plan developed by a peer (see Tora’s Sampling Plan file that is attached).

Part 1:

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Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

Complete the Sampling Plan Scoring Rubric for Peer Review  (attached file)  to assign a rating for each criterion, and to offer written feedback substantiating your assessment.

Part 2:

Write 750-800 words of constructive and supportive feedback, with an emphasis on attention to culture and ethics in the sampling plan. Be prepared to identify an additional strategy and remember best practices for mentors in Counselor Education and Supervision point to building self-efficacy and motivation.

Part 3

Complete the Self-Evaluation Template (see attached file) to complete a self-evaluation of your practice as a mentor.


Review the Review of Sampling Plan Scoring Guide (see attached grading rubric) to ensure you meet the grading requirements for this assignment.


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