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Classmate 1

1. Based on Erikson’s theory of development, I would place myself in the early adulthood stage with hints of the adolescence stage still left.

2. If i were to develop a stage of development I would call it the “Self-Reflection” stage. This stage would some what be a mixture of the adolescence stage and young adult stage and the age range would vary from around 15 to probably 25. Someone who finds them self in this stage would most likely feel as though they are fundamentally settled and are on the path to fulfill their dreams (career wise).  But would also feel that who they are/want to be has not yet been accomplished. Overall, this stage would be for people who know what they want to do (career wise) and are fulfilling it, but still want to do some self reflecting and challenge the person they currently are to be better. 

3. If I were to place myself in this stage, I would stay that I am not quite out of the stage yet, but I’m not far from it. I say this because I believe myself to have a better knowledge and understanding of who I am as a person and what I can contribute to this world. But I am still learning how to properly use my talents to contribute to the world in the way that would be most beneficial. 


Based on Erikson’s theory of developmental stages, I would say that I am in but maybe past the young adulthood stage but not yet to the middle adulthood stage.  This brings me to my own created stage of development that would fit right in between Erikson’s young adulthood and middle adulthood stages. I would call this stage intermittent adulthood because everyone can reach this stage at a different age or time in their life. This stage exhibits behaviors of becoming established. Furthering your education, establishing or furthering your career, buying a house, providing for your family, investing, etc. I believe that people between the ages of 25-35 that have not reached these goals will feel a sense of failure and fear or that their lives have been meaningless. I have not achieved these goals but acknowledge that I am in this stage because as I approach my 30’s, I feel a sense of fear for not having a stable career to adequetly provide for my family or give back to society which has brought me to furthering my education. 

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