School Counseling

3. Theory Case StudyIn your Case Study, you are to first choose an evidence-based counseling theory that we have discussed, or will discuss in class. If you would like to choose a theory that has not been addressed in class, you must discuss it with me ahead of time. In your paper, make sure you use the following to support your stance:1. Describe the client’s problems/challenges in your own words (case conceptualization). What are the factors that you see contributing tothese problems?2. Based upon how you see this client’s problem, which evidenced-base theory would you use to work with this client? Describe in detail why this would be the best approach.3. Choose appropriate goals for this client.4. What counseling interventions specific to this theory would you use? Why?5. Describe several possible positive outcomes for this client due to these interventions.6. Chose another theory (preferably evidenced-based) and describe how you would work with thesame client using this second theory using the above format.7. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of combing these two approaches with thisclient.8. The Case Study will be based on the individual of your choice, dead or alive/fictional/non-fiction3Spring 2021Final Papers should:• Be at least 6 – 8 pages in length.• Include at least 5 sources of information in addition to the textbook.


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