Soc 402 week 1quiz | Social Science homework help



Question 1.        

                Which of the following is NOT one of Herbert Blumer’s three premises of social interactionism?


                                Humans behave according to the meanings they ascribe to things and events.

                                 The meanings attributed to things and events are derived from larger social structures.

                                 The meanings attributed to things and events are derived from interactions with others.

                                 Meanings require subjective interpretation, or analytical thought.


 Question 2.       

                One of Émile Durkheim’s most important contributions to social inquiry was that he


                 linked the cause of social unrest with social inequalities.

                established an inherent connection between personal behavior and the broader social setting.

                concluded that major social trends are caused by social institutions.

                 claimed that the reason for progress in society was social unrest.


Question 3.

                Which of the following people was NOT associated with the functionalist perspective?


                 Robert Merton

                 Auguste Comte

                 Karl Marx

                Émile Durkheim


 Question 4.       

                President Roosevelt’s New Deal initiatives focused on three Rs:


                 reuse, recovery, and reform.

                relief, recovery, and reform.

                 rescue, recovery, and reform.

                 rescue, retraining, and reform.



 Question 5.       

                __________ describes a social philosophy that cherishes rural life.







Question 6.        

The conflict perspective posits that protest and revolution are primarily caused by all of the following EXCEPT


                 inequalities that exist in social structures.

                 the gap between the rich and the poor.

                 insurmountable philosophical or religious differences.

                 institutionalized racism, discrimination, or other injustice.



 Question 7.       

The first African American to earn a doctorate degree at Harvard University was the famous sociologist and educator


                 W.E.B. Du Bois.

                 Booker T. Washington.

                 Harriet Martineau.

                George Washington Carver.


 Question 8.       

                Max Weber, one of the founders of modern social sciences, developed the concept of








 Question 9.       

In his General Theory of Action, Talcott Parsons identified four levels of social interaction. These are:


                                 cultural system, social system, personality system, behavioral organism.

                                cultural system, political system, personality system, behavioral organism.

                                 social system, political system, personality system, behavioral organism.

                                 cultural system, social system, personality system, familial system.



Question 10.     

                Activist Ida Wells believed that the issues of civil rights and suffrage were inherently connected.















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