Social change projects/ social workers advocacy | SOCW 6361 – Social Policy: Analysis and Advocacy | Walden University



Social Change Projects

What does policy have to do with clinical social work? Connecting policy to direct practice can be a challenge for some micro social workers. However, policies affect the lives of each and every client who walks through your door. Policies affect clients ability to access and pay for services. Policies also affect environmental conditions that influence individual experience.

For this week’s small group discussion, you discuss ideas for your individual Social Change project. The Project will be completed individually; however, you discuss your Project in this week’s small group discussion to help you develop your idea based on peer feedback.

Post your responses to the following question presented for the Group Discussion:

Explain what area you are interested in engaging in advocacy.

Briefly, identify the related social problem and types of policies that may impact the social problem.

Identify 2-3 ideas you are considering for your Social Change Project.

Explain how the project may impact clients in a clinical social work setting.

MY INTERESTS ARE: 1) advocating for hospice patients 2) advocating for the homeless population 3) advocating for the disabled 

APA format with intext citations and full references because I will have 4 more assignments related to these topics.

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