Social Construct Music Discussion

have a discussion about one of the author’s claims as it relates to the portrayal of women’s madness in an aspect of popular culture – this week it’s music.  The final sentence of this week’s chapter states, “…madness for women is both a myth – a culturally constructed label for distress or deviance – and a real experience for many women, a reflection of deep discontent in response to the context of their lives.” How does this sentence resonate with you?  How does it connect to the song lyrics that you’ve chosen to analyze? How can madness be both a myth and a reality – answer this question by analyzing and using examples from the song lyrics. Songs you can choose to analyze: 1) Taylor Swift’s Mad Woman (2020) (Links to an external site.) 2) Alanis Morissette’s Reasons I Drink (2020) (Links to an external site.) 3)Alanis Morissette’s Diagnosis (2020) (Links to an external site.) 4) Demi Lovato’s Anyone (2020) (Links to an external site.) 5) LeAnn Rimes’ Crazy Women (2011) (Links to an external site.) 6) Ani Difranco’s Shameless (1996) (Links to an external site.) 7) A song of your own choosing – but you must include a link to the lyrics for Dr. Martin and those in your group


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