Social contexts of development: peers and the sociocultural world

Social Contexts of Development: Peers and the Sociocultural World


                        Schools, Achievement and Work



Resources       -Chapters 15 & 16

                        -Video Chapter 15: (Children’s Social Networks)

                        -Video Chapter 15: (Describing a Best Friend at Age 11)

                        -Video Chapter 15: (Characteristics of Children Who Bully)

                        -Video Chapter 16: (Over Scheduling Our Adolescents)

                        -Video Chapter 16: (Retirement)



Discussions     Choose one of the following threads:

                        Thread 1: Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior: Explain how peers may                             influence behavior positively and/or negatively. What strategies might an                            individual use to mitigate the influence of their peers on the risk-taking                                    behavior?


                        Thread 2: Student Achievement: Explain how specific cultural,                                        ethnic and socioeconomic factors influence student achievement. Propose                          strategies to address each of the negative influences so as to promote                              achievement


                        Post your answers to this Discussion by Day 3 of this week. Respond to at                                     least one peer posting by Day 5 of this week.



Assignment    The Media’s Influence on Children and Adolescents: In a 2-3 page                                 paper, explain the impact media (e.g., television, internet) has on                                         children and adolescents’ physical, cognitive, social-emotional                                          development. Use specific examples and provide evidence for your                                assertions.


 we transition from family systems to outside social structures focusing mostly on adolescent and young adult years. For your own edification I suggest that you reflect how peers, school, culture, faith and achievement have influenced and affected your life. Have these influential factors changed in meaning and value for you as you age and take on different responsibilities?

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