Social Determinants Of Health

Pages 1-2 Answer questions. You may copy the questions into the document and provide your answers below for each question.1. Briefly list 2 -3 determinants and the location they can be found in the electronic medical record (EMR) or chart. If you don’t have a patient’s records, simply make one up (a realistic scenario). The location can be the social worker’s notes such as stating the patient was homeless (as an example).2. For your patient (real or hypothetical), state the 2 most important social determinants of health (may or may not be the same as question 1) to their current medical situation and give a 1 – 2 sentence explanation of why/how each determinant is important for this patient.3. If not addressed, how might these social determinants continue to impact your patient’s health? (Write no more than 5 sentences to address this question. Include at least one reference to a national or international health organization or guideline to provide justification for your response).4. Identify a realistic plan for your patient to address or reduce the impact of the social determinants:Name two community or patient education resources that address to social determinants to which you could refer your patient and provide the website (include the website in your references as well). These resources should be oriented towards improving the transition from hospital to home or managing their illnesses in the community/outpatient setting.Then describe the challenges that your patient may encounter in pursuing these resources in 2 – 3 sentences.Note: Take into account your patients age, resources available, community and family support, transportation when developing your plan (you do not have to address all).Social determinants of health


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