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Week 7


Discussion 1

 “Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination” Please respond to the following:

 •Describe an experience you have had or observed in which stereotyping and prejudice led to discrimination. Speculate on the primary causes that led to the behavior of discrimination. (Do not use the names of people you discuss.)


From the e-Activity, describe at least two (2) examples of ways stereotyping and prejudice influence the attitudes and behavior of those in criminal justice careers such as police officer, district attorneys, and / or judges. Suggest at least one (1) way society can provide an environment that helps people overcome these attitudes and behavior.

 Discussion 2


“Diversity” Please respond to the following:


•Consider various issues involved with diversity and ways diversity influences students’ attitudes and behavior in schools. Take a position on whether diversity fosters or prevents discord or leads to delinquent behavior. Support your response with reasons and examples.


•Discuss at least two (2) ways diversity can be used to foster respect for differences, tolerance, and acceptance of people and practices of other cultures.


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