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Question 1: (Compulsory – Answer both Parts A and B)

a) Compare and contrast two major theories of how the self is formed by social 


if you want answer this question (1a) you first  define self, talkp around the self , put self into yourself ,awareness of the self .fake impostor , the purpose of the self  and the important of concept.

Now go into social identity –with the founded by Heiry Tafen 1960 and John Turner 1970

Talk about where originate from Britain

Talk about the theory of the group example predujuice, discrimation, sterotype, Norm, comprise, conformity, group decision make and diversity.

With social psychology was predicted individual metal theory difference behavior and social identity theory from individual interpersonal behavior.

How people represent themselves? Personal social identity, people have difference way to consider.

Strategies people use.

Limitation of the strength 

How is relevant to social care worker? That is structure to answer 1a question,Citation need page number 


b) Explore the ways in which people try to portray themselves to others in terms of an idealized self. You should discuss the typical strengths and limitations of each approach.


Word count is 1200 citation and reference for the answer five references required 



Total: 40 marks


You must attempt any two of the following three questions.

Question 2: 



Outline three defining features of attitudes. 

(10   marks)



Discuss three reasons why a person’s self-reported attitudes sometimes contradict their behavior. You should refer to relevant theory and research in your answer.

(20   marks)


Total: 30 marks


Question 3: 



Discuss two social processes that lead to social conformity. Refer to relevant theory and research in your answer.  

(20   marks)


Outline two strategies for reducing unhelpful compliance as part   of your social care work practice. 

(10   marks)


Total:   30 marks

Question 4: 

Explore three strategies for reducing prejudice and/or discrimination within your social care work practice. You should refer to relevant theory and research in your answer.


If you any  answer any two  question section B the word count for each one is 600each and reference required as well

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