Social Science 

Format:This paper should not merely be a summary of the reading itself. Rather, the paper will be graded based on the following inclusions:1. An overview of the author’s main arguments (Approximately 3 or more pages)2. What overall argument is the author making? What specific examples does the author focus on in the reading?3. How is this argument being made? (e.g., What kind of data is being used by the author to support her argument?)4. How does this argument support or refute arguments made by other authors in the section?(Compare to other readings in the attached files)2. Your personal critical response to the reading (Approximately 2 pages)3. What, if anything, do you find convincing about the argument being made?4. What problems and/or oversights do you see in the reading?5. What, specifically, do you think this article contributes to broader discussions of the topic?


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