Social Security Income

MN584 DBA 73-year-old male patient, Samuel J., presents to you for his annual physical with ongoing fatigue. His vital signs are 142/86, P 74, and a weight gain of 15 pounds from the previous visit 6 months ago for a urinary tract infection. He further expresses concerns over his nighttime insomnia, daytime napping, slow weight gain, and growing lack of motivation to engage in his hobbies (tennis and ham radio operation) and part-time job (at a local big box appliance and tech store), which he formerly enjoyed. His wife of 45 years died within the last year, and he expresses concerns that he is not eating properly since she had done most of the grocery shopping and cooking. His own father died at age 75 after complications of a stroke sustained at age 74, and he does not want to end up the same way. PMH is significant for hernia operation at age 32 during his military service as a Navy radio operator on a submarine. He has one daughter who lives about 10 miles away from him and with whom he enjoys a close relationship. He has a military pension and Social Security income and is covered by Medicare and Tricare supplemental insurance. His home is easy to maintain and paid for, and his vehicle is paid for and in good condition.Case Questions:1.How does Samuel compare to the US demographic profile for his age group in terms of life expectancy, marital status, working status, and financial status?2.Which theories of aging can you identify as being relevant as part of Samuel’s current status, and why do you believe them relevant to Samuel?3.Provide one example of how the theory of aging you selected will assist you as a nurse practitioner in promoting health care in the frail elderly population in general.4.Provide two examples of how you as the nurse practitioner will synthesize best practice in the care of the aging population based on relevant research with regard to organ system changes with normal aging.5.Would you consider referral to any other members of the healthcare team, and if so, who and why?What data would you collect, and what physical workup would you need prior to a referral?****Need 3 up to date scholarly references***


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