Social Work 

InterventionPresent a mutually developed and agreed upon intervention strategy with specific goals and objectives. Provide a rationale for your selection.Describe your intervention from beginning to end, including termination. How did you help the client prevent or resolve problems?  How did you negotiate mediate and advocate for your client.  Select and discuss at least 3 practice skills (micro/macro) used in your intervention with the client.Write a critique of your work with the client. What did you do well in terms of the intervention?  What could have been done to improve the outcomes with the client?  How was the intervention empowering? How may it have been discriminatory or oppressive?Provide a discussion of whether the intervention was developed from a theoretical practice model. If so, which practice theory?  If not, what practice theory could have been used to facilitate better outcomes?  Regardless, analyze and provide evidence-based knowledge about the theory-based intervention (used or proposed) and its effectiveness.EvaluationSelect one of the methods used to evaluate change and improvement with clients/client systems (single subject, pretest/posttest or other). Provide a rationale for the evaluation method you selected. Describe the method and how you would facilitate using that method to collect data to assess change and improvement.


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