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1. The Age of Enlightenment produced ______ basic ideas.

(a) no (b) seven (c.) eleven (d) Five (e) six


2. The Age of Enlightenment occurred during the _______ century.

(a) early-Seventeenth (b) late-eighteenth (c) mid-nineteenth (d) early-twentieth (e) twenty-first


3. Sociology is the study of  _______

(a) Social Studies (b) Social Philosophy (c) the Social Structure (d) none of the above


4. The Sociological Perspective is

(a) a way of viewing the world (b) the study of the social structure (c) study of companions


5. Which theory sees society as the parts of an animal?

(a) Conflict (b) Symbolic Interaction (c) Structural Functionalist (d) Anomie (e) none


6. Science is____

(a) cumulative (b) based on verifiable evidence (c) validated by replication (d) all of the above  


7. Science is a structured process of seeking ____ and is subject to change.

(a) grades (b) lost items (c) companionship (d) truth (e) all of the above


8. The Scientific Method is the only way a scientist discovers truth

(a) true (b) false


9. There are _____ sanctions.

(a) ten (b) one (c) four (d) twelve (e) none of these


10. Studying Behavior often alters behavior.

(a) true (b) false


11. One of the goals of this course is to enhance the student’s awareness of ________

(a) supremacy (b) other people’s culture (c) politics (d) all of the above (e) none of the above


12. Society is the breeding ground of culture

(a) true (b) false


13. Society helps humans to grow normally both physically and psychologically.

(a) true (b) false


14. Culture is _____

(a) cumulative (b) based on verifiable evidence (c) validated by replication (d) all of the above 


15. _____ is the spread of an item of culture from its place of origin.

(a) innovation (b) sanction (c) diffusion (d) more (e) folkway

16. When Martin Luther King became a HS graduate that became his_______.

(a) role complex (b) formal sanction (c) research (d) ascribed status (e) none of the above


17. _____ is the process by which an organism learns the rules and norms of a society.

(a) socialization (b) informal negative (c) formal positive (d) formal negative


18. Human beings develop the capacity and skills to think, love and communicate during the ____ process.

(a) socialization (b) invention (c) language development (d) cultural relativism (e) all of the above


19. It is during the _____ process that a feeling of self is formed

(a) socialization (b) Sanction (c) research (d) Future shock (e) none of the above


20. A person’s self-concept can be either positive or negative

(a) true (b) false


21. The ________ is an important social process for today’s society.

(a) culture (b) society (c) group (d) social exchange (e) all of the above


22. The Family is the best example of the Gesellshaft society.

(a) true (b) false


23.  A primary group has intimate interaction.

(a) true (b) false


24. People that we use as a standard of evaluating or understanding ourselves is our

(a) reference group (b) society (c) mirror self (d) role complex (e) all


25. When I can’t meet the obligations of my role complex I will experience

(a) role conflict (b) achieved status (c) role strain (d) self concept (e) none of the above

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