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Assignment 3: Solution Identification

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Instructions: Read the material at the sites listed in the Week 3 Lessons folder to help guide you in identifying solutions to the management problem you have identified. Complete a 2-4 page paper discussing solutions in relation to the management problem you are exploring during this course.

Read the material at the following websites:

Welcome to Week Three! 

Now that you have identified a client and the management problem you are investigating and conducted a needs assessment, you will identify one or more solutions to the problem.

This step, the Solution Identification, is the phase where you look for ways to solve your problem.  How will you, the manager, fix your problem?  This is the place where you get to practice the Art of Management.  This is also the difficult phase for many former and current military students as the solution in a military environment might be to simply order the two people to get along, increase their productivity, to work longer hours as a means of achieving productivity levels that are acceptable. 

In the civilian world, one cannot use that means to solve the problem.  Instead, the analysis at this point can focus on talking with the warring parties individually or in a meeting together if the problem is behavioral or personality conflicts (so the solution is to work on building support and trust between the two individuals).  One might look at the tasks that these two are responsible for and explore whether or not the individuals have had adequate training to be successful in performing their tasks (so the solution is to provide additional training and/or mentoring to help your folks be successful).  One may look at the conditions under which these two work (are they sitting right next to the community coffee pot or the photocopy machine or with poor ventilation or no natural light?  Is the environment affecting their behavior?) The solution may be to fix the problem by moving them or making some other similar change.  Of course these are only some of many reasons for the problem behavior and the reason may be a combination of things.

 NOTE:  Research is required for this an all of the papers in this class.  You must have a minimum of two sources each week, neither of which can be Wikepedia.

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