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PSY/345: Sensation And Perception

PSY/345: Sensation And Perception

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Wk 4 Team – Speech and Hearing Brochure 

  1. Resources: Brochure Builder, Speech and Hearing Brochure Grading Guide
    Your team is interning at a speech and hearing center. You have been tasked with creating an educational brochure for hearing impaired clients.
    Create a brochure that includes the following: 
    • An explanation of the perceptual process for hearing
    • A description of the factors that contribute to auditory localization
    • A description of the influence of auditory perception on behavior
    • A description of the effect of hearing loss on auditory perception and behavior 
    • Include at least two images, diagrams, or graphics to enhance the content of the brochure.
      Include at least two to four peer-reviewed sources.
      Format your brochure consistent with APA guidelines.

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