Standards and learning feedback to my peers:

Standards and Learning feedback to my peers:

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Tiffany Fijalkovic

Standard and Learning;


    Explain how state standards came into existence. Discuss the impact of the standards movement on classroom instruction.

State standards came into existence because there was such a discernable difference in student’s from school to school. If a school was located in a lower class neighborhood the children were scoring way lower than children in a middle or upper class neighborhoods. Teachers and school systems were not held accountable and children suffered.  The standards movement made schools more accountable and set standards across the board that all schools had to follow.

•How do the Common Core Standards intend to affect instruction in schools to meet both learner and societal goals?

Common Core Standards prepare students for the real world and college.  The preparation students will receive will not only give them a chance to succeed in higher education but at life too.  When people are successful and well-rounded we have a better environment for all to live in.

•What are some pros and cons of the Common Core Standards from your own point of view?

A con is more high stakes testing, teaching by the test can be extremely bad for all involved. A pro is American students will become more competitive on the world stage because common core is internationally benchmarked.







Theresa Johnson

Week 1 Discussion 1

Standard and Learning;


    The State Standard came into existence in the mid 90’s it took the place of the bench mark test that measured if student were at their grade level in the four core subjects, it was also because students was falling behind that lived in poverty or low-income areas which had an huge impact when it came to taken text, there was no one held responsible if the students did not pass and many students was passed on to the next grade level without learning what was expected of them. Since the Standard movement more schools and teachers are being held responsible, this made the board in each district use the Standard which all schools had to follow to ensure that students was learning what was expected of them and teachers was teaching at a level to ensure that each student was learning.


     The impact of the standard movement guides instruction in tells the teacher what they need to be teaching.


  The Common Core Standard is intended to help the student learn the knowledge and skills to help prepare them for college and the real world to help them with their career by the end of the 12t grade, we have a Common Core Statement at our school that states “We must. We can. We will” that means make that each teach and student are doing their very best to make sure that every student is being prepared for a higher education and career.


 What are the pros and cons of the Common Core Standard?




1.      The cost that the state pays what the state pays for each student to take a test.


2.      Help to prepare student for college.


3.      Student are required to think more.




1.      A huge adjustment for students


2.      More teachers are leaving the education field.


3.      No test for special needs students


4.      No more text books required


5.      Parents believe that there are too much teaching about the text than basic learning.





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