Start up budget writting assignment


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Introduction Writing Assignment

This assignment fulfills

  • Module Outcome 1: You will have constructed a budget and calculated costs for staff salaries.
  • Course Outcome 3: You will have analyzed a business plan.
  • General Education Competency 2: Use critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions.

Create a start-up budget for a new infant/toddler or a school age component for your program.  

Develop your budget using the format on Page 113. You can use the one on page 113 as a guide to develop the budget portion for ABC Child Care’s business plan. Look on page 113 in the book and follow the format when coming up with your budget based on the requirements for the assignment. Always remember you must have some income in order to develop expenses. 

A student will be successful if the budget includes at least two revenue (income) and 8 expense line items. Amounts should reflect reasonable costs and should indicate how the costs are determined. The start-up budget should only reflect personnel costs and purchases associated with getting the program started, not with ongoing operation.

Grading Criteria see below:

Attached form is used -40 points

Calculated accurate. -40 points

Amounts accurately reflect considerations listed.- 20 points

Read Chapter 6 and see the sample budge on page 113 in chapter six. See Resource Tab on left for additional resources.

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