Stat 500 week 7 chi square test of independence –

Week 7 test


Chi Square Test of Independence – Please Review

The chi square test of independence is a test of independence among at least two NOMINAL/CATEGORICAL variables. 

The chi square is a measure of the amount of disagreement between the observed frequencies and what we would theoretically expect when the two variables are independent.

The null and research hypotheses states:
H0: X and Y variables are independent.
H1: X and Y variables are dependent.

If we reject the null (p < .05) assuming alpha = .05, this implies that there is an association 
between x and y.  If we fail to reject the null (p > .05) assuming alpha = .05, this implies there is
no association or dependence between x and y.

For your final project, please be sure that your data are appropriate for the research design you are proposing. You need to be specific about what statistical test you will be using to answer your research question –

is it an independent samples t-test?

Dependent samples t-test?


Multiple regression?


Describe the statistical test as if I do not know what it is – be sure to site the book in your description.  Follow the rubric closely!


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