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Suppose we want to estimate the average home price in the State of North Carolina.  Using this example, describe in your own words how you would go about determining this average through:

a.     Drawing a random sample

b.     Drawing a systematic sample

c.             Drawing a convenience sample




In your own words, explain why the parameter is fixed and the statistic varies.




By Saturday, September 5, 2015, submit your answers to the Discussion Area.

For each week’s assignment, find your assigned letter and complete the problems associated with that letter in this document (COPIED ABOVE ALREADY). If your instructor has not assigned you a letter, please use the first letter of your last name. Please post both of the problems assigned to you.

Post responses to at least two other students. You can:

  • Ask a question about your classmate’s solution
  • Offer help when you see an error
  • Seek help in completing your own problems

Remember that non-substantive posts such as “Good job!” will not count toward your participation score.

By the end of the week, please review and comment on the answers provided by at least two of your peers.

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Valid solutions and correct answers.


Substantively participates in discussion:

  1. Responds to feedback with revisions.
  2. Seeks help on assignment questions.
  3. Provides help or ideas that add to the discussion.




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