Step standard 6 – analysis of student learning

  After you have implemented each lesson in the unit, as well as   completed the post-assessment, collaborate with your cooperating   teacher/mentor to analyze the results of the post-assessment and   determine student learning. Review your data and whether there is a   student or group of students who have not mastered the objectives, and   discuss what to do to develop these students’ knowledge and skills. Complete the Post-Test and Post-Assessment tables in STEP Standard   6. Then answer the questions in Standard 6 based on the assessment results.


APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. 

The lesson is based on Greek Myths.  The second graders in my class are mostly ESL There are 3 parts to this assessment. Part 1 is vocabulary assessment which is divided into 2 parts the first assesses domain related vocabulary and the second assessment academic vocabulary. 

For the first part I am going to ask my ell students a yes or no question  using a word that they had heard about during the read a loud. first I will say the word and then I will ask you a yes or no question. If the question is yes put your thumbs up if the answer is no put your thumb down.

arachnids- Do arachnids, or spiders get their name from a famous weaver in a Greek Myth. Students will put their thumbs up.

Part 2 is also yes and no questions about things that you have learned . If the answer is yes put your thumb up if not thumb down.

The third part of the assessment is that I will ask students questions and they are to answer in complete sentences.  

I have no data it can be made up I have included the document STEP 6  is the only one to complete 

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