Str581 trategic planning & implementation week 6 assignment learning

Resources: Strategic Plan and Presentation assignment from each team member

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Review all team members’ Week 6 assignments.

Discuss each project’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Write an analysis of at least 750 words including the following: 

  • Comparative analysis of the top 2 strategic plans
  • Selection of one of the strategic plans
  • Justification for the team’s selection

Provide a summary of your completed work for the week along with your completed projects for the week.


Weekly Sprint Retrospective: The sprint weekly retrospectives for this course will play an important role in your overall learning. Provide a summary of what went well, what didn’t go well, and what you’ll do to improve in the next sprint.In addition reflect and identify your team learning experiences using the following four questions developed by Dietz-Uhler & Lanter (2009) and (2010) to frame your weekly reflections. Note: Do not provide a summary of individual reflections – your reflection should be a team effort of group learning.

1. “Identify one important concept, research finding, theory, or idea in strategy that you learned while completing this weeks work.” (Analyzing)
2. “Why do you believe that this concept, research finding, theory, or idea in strategy is important?” (Reflecting)

3. “Apply what you have learned from this activity to some aspect of your life or work.” (Relating)
4. “What question(s) have this weeks’ the activities raised for you? What are you still wondering about?” What actions will you take to research your questions to help provide clarity? (Questioning).

Alexander, A. (2010). Using the four-question technique to enhance critical thinking in online discussions. MERLOT Journal of Online Leaning and Teaching. 6(2).
Dietz-Uhler, B. & Lanter, J.R. (2009). Using the four-questions technique to enhance learning. Teaching of Psychology, 36, 38-41. 

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