Str581 week 6 strategic plan update

Week Six


Create and Sell Your Business Plan


·         Construct a strategic plan for an organization.

·         Communicate a strategic plan effectively to stakeholders.



Individual Assignment: Strategic Plan


Resource:  Week three, four and five assignments with facilitator feedback


Complete and logically organize your (not including your Excel spreadsheet), final Strategic and Implementation Plan for the company that you are starting.  Your plan is to be to the depth and clarity required to present and  sell your new company to  Wall Street Investors, Capital Venture Investors, Trust Funds, Bankers, Stock and Bond Investors, and potential partner(s).


Therefore, this is comprehensive strategic/business and implementation plan that gives a clear detailed picture of why, what, where, when, who and how you plan to gain market share by creating and sustaining not only the company but also a competitive advantage in your chosen market.


This is to be your pre-approved company from week two. Your company will have 5 to 100 employees not including owners. First year sales have to be a minimum of 3 million dollars, or a minimum of 1.5 million dollars start-up investment. Sixty percent of the initial start-up investment is your own money and you have to raise the remaining forty percent and detail how you plan to raise the capital.


That includes the following:

(This is not the order that your proposal is to be in that is your decision, but it must be logical)


Ø  Strategic Plan, which is week 4 assignment that incorporates facilitator feedback/corrections from the draft versions submitted in week 4

Ø  Table of contents

Ø  Executive summary, with a 2-page maximum

Ø  Backgrounds and accomplishments of key anticipated management personnel, the goal is to convince the investor that these individuals are trustworthy and successful.

Ø  Organizational mission, vision, and value statements

Ø  Environmental scan (Week 3 assignment with corrections)

Ø  Key Success Factor for your company

Ø  Implementation/Project Plan for your Strategic/ Plan, which is delineated by a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) that the milestones, tasks, durations, resource allocation, and deadlines.


Although it is not mandatory I would recommend using Ms-Project for your implementation plan, or you can use Ms Excel but you have to create the template.


To access the Microsoft® Project tutorial click the Library tab and select Visit Element K website under Element K Tutorials. From that link, select Catalog, scroll down to Project Management and select Tools. Scroll down to search for Microsoft® Office Project tutorials.


 A link to the Microsoft® Office Online Help and How-to for Microsoft® Project is on the University of Phoenix student Web site. Click on Web Links, select Software Tutorials, and Microsoft® Project Assistance.


Ø  Identify and  analyze key success factors for your Implementation Plan

Ø  Functional tactics,

Ø  Action items (table)

Ø  Risk management plan (Identify 5  risk, for your implementation plan and for the success of your company e.g. likelihood of  happening and impact), with a Risk Assessment, Risk Response and Risk Matrix table/chart.

Ø  Detailed Contingency plans for identified three highest  risks for your implementation plan and the success of your company

Ø  Financing Strategy analysis/reasoning/detailing how you are going to raise the other 40% of the start-up capital you need, including analysis, e.g. Loans, Stocks, Bonds, Investor


Submit an Excel Workbook that includes the following for your strategic plan and company:


Ø  Implementation Budget,( Start-up  cost breakdown budget, from 0 to 100% operational)

Ø  Forecasted/Proforma financials for 5 years,

Ø  Income and Expense Statement,

Ø  Cash Flow Statement

Ø  Balance Sheet

Ø  A break-even chart




Ø  Assumptions and analyzes used for your forecasts


Ø  Prepare a presentation to sell and Defend your Strategic, PowerPoint’s are required


I will accept only ONE each of Ms-Word, Excel and Project, unless you do your Implementation Plan in Excel then I will accept TWO Excel files. NO exceptions


Format your paper consistent with professional/business guidelines/standards or a business proposal.


Individual Assignment: Final Examination


Resource: Assigned weekly readings

Click the link to the Final Examination on your student website available from the end of Week Five through the end of Week Six.

Complete the Final Examination. You are allowed one attempt to complete the exam, which is timed and must be completed in 3 hours and submitted before the end of class. Results are auto graded and sent to your instructor.


Note. Final Examination questions are adapted from content students have completed in the Master of Business Administration program.

Week 6 Deliverables


Individual or Learning Team



Final Strategic and Implementation Plan    Written


Assignments Link










Comprehension Test





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