Strategic management case project phase 2- amazon

This capstone course requires each student to construct a detailed and well-thought-out analysis of a business employing all the relevant strategic analysis tools studied in the course. This project will take the full term to complete. It is our sincere hope that you will find this project to be the most rewarding effort in

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your educational career.

In this module, you need to evaluate the company you selected for your Strategic Management Case and identify their current strategy (including current use of technology) and possible alternatives from the textbook (e.g., divestiture, market development, etc.). Add this to your Strategic Management Case and save for submission as part of Phase 2 due to the conclusion of Module 6.


Please note that when you submit Phase 2, it should also include your revised Phase 1 materials. See the project guidelines for further information.

Phase 2 – Modules 4-6 (includes revisions to Phase 1 based on the instructor’s feedback) Internal assessment (continued from Phase 1—include IFE and financial ratios) o Current strategy (a brief description of the firm’s current strategies), including current use of technology o SWOT matrix with strategic implications for the company o BCG matrix with strategic implications for the company o Space or other matrices with strategic implications for the company o Possible strategic alternatives o Evaluation of current organizational structure o Recommendation changes (if needed) to the structure, culture (including values), processes, rewards, or technology 

Module 4: Integrate instructor feedback from Phase 1. 

Module 5: Develop SWOT, BCG, SPACE, and IE matrices with strategic implications for the company. 

Module 6: Develop alternative strategies for your company with the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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