Strategic Planning Process

Assignment overview and directions:The steps of the strategic planning process also referred to as the strategy change cycle:1) Initiate and agree on a strategic planning process2) Identify organizational mandates3) Clarify organizational mission and values4) Assess the external and internal environments to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats5) Identify the strategic issues facing the organization6) Formulate strategies to manage the issues7) Review and adopt the strategies or strategic plan8) Establish an effective organizational vision9) Develop an effective implementation process10) Reassess the strategies and the strategic planning processEach of these steps should be discussed in about 1/2 page in length. For each of the steps listed above, you should discuss the most important aspects for each step that you should understand as someone that would implement a strategic plan for an organization. You should generally provide an overview of each step.This should be the format of your Paper: APA FORMAT that includes Abstract etc.1)Introduction of your paper should discuss a brief overview of what the strategic change cycle is and what you will discuss in your paper2)The second paragraph should discuss step #1.3)The third paragraph should discuss step #2.4)You should then follow this format and discuss steps #3-#10 in separate paragraphs/pages.

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