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Mid-Semester Reflection

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Now that we are at the halfway point in the semester, we are going to take a moment to reflect on your research and writing experiences thus far. For your midterm reflection, you will revisit and revise one of your previous Medium entries, and write a reflective essay that explores your critical thinking, reading, and writing processes so far this semester. 


You should begin by rereading my previous Medium essays 

Then, you will need to answer the reflection questions below. Your answers should total approximately 750 words. You can use headings to separate the different parts, but do not simply answer the questions in number order. You should aim to create a coherent, cohesive, and understandable essay that appropriately represents who you are as a writer and a student.

Part I: Writing Experiences

After you have reread my Medium essays, answer the following questions in paragraph form: 

Has the nature of your essays changed in the past few weeks? What changes do you notice, and how might you account for those changes? What ideas or threads in your essays do you see as worth revisiting and deepening? 

What are you most proud of? Where are you showing growth as a writer by communicating something important to your reader? What obstacles in your writing are you overcoming?

What obstacles are you still struggling with? When readers seem confused by your writing, what aspects of your writing do you think interferes with their understanding? 

How has your topic evolved over the past nine weeks? What do you hope to explore and learn in the remaining half of the semester?

Part II: Feedback and Revision

During the first week of the semester you reflected upon and wrote about your previous experiences with feedback and revision. You wrote in response to learning modules in Eli on the Importance of Feedback and Revision. Return to your Eli Review archives to see what you wrote about feedback and revision as we started the semester. How have your views about feedback and revision evolved, after experiencing on online feedback scaffold for nine weeks. What is your revised views on Feedback and Revision in an online writing class?

Part III Engagement

1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your level of self-discipline in terms of keeping up with the workload while participating in an online course? One would mean not very well. Ten would mean exceptionally well. If you gave yourself a high rating, describe some of the things you have done to stay organized. What advice would you give to classmates who are having a harder time keeping up. If you gave yourself a lower rating, what could you have done differently to have been more engaged with the work of the class?

2. Describe your action plan for staying engaged with the course from today until you reach the end of the semester. 

Part VI Revisions

Revise ONE of your previous Medium essays, and answer the following questions. Please provide a hyperlink to your essay. 

What do you see as the strengths of this essay? 

What changes did you make in your revisions? Why did you make those changes?

What would you do differently if you could begin your writing process on this assignment again? 

Explain your writing process while working on this essay. Be as detailed as possible. Create a vivid picture of your time researching, thinking about, and receiving feedback on this assignment. 

What do you want your audience to pay attention to as they read this essay? 


You should write a minimum of 750 words, and answer the questions in essay/paragraph format. 

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