Succession Planning

In the United States, assessment processes are often used to determine which individuals have the capability to grow into new, more challenging leadership positions. Based on this week’s readings, discuss the challenge of leadership succession management. Then, referencing your Scott and Reynolds (2010) textbook, required readings, and at least one additional academic sources, outline an approach for ensuring that succession planning makes appropriate use of assessment. In a paper of at least 1750 – 2100 words (or 5 -7 pages) in length (excluding title, abstract and reference pages), address the following:Identify the challenges inherent in determining who should be promoted within an organization. What factors need to be considered in identifying potential candidates for leadership positions? Discuss the six fundamentals of using assessment for growth-focused succession planning, as outlined by Paese (2010), identifying the critical aspects of each fundamental. Support your discussion with references to additional academic sources. Identify the different types of assessments that may be appropriate for use in succession planning and briefly describetheir purpose. Propose a set of “best practices” for using assessment for succession planning, including quality considerations for assessment processes.References used should be:Atwater, L. E., Brett, J. F., & Charles, A. C. (2007). Multi-source feedback: Lessons learned and implications for practice. Human Resource Management, 46(2), 285-307., R. E. (2008). Leadership development: The current state and future expectations. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 60(4), 383-392.Scott, J. C. & Reynolds, D. H. (Eds.). (2010). Handbook of workplace assessment. Retrieved from


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