Supply Chain Customer Assessment

Read the powerpoint(background information) and the excel file, then answer the following questions according to the excel.please address questions numbersFindings:1.    Price/lead time sensitivities – what is our customers perspective on changes in lead time – do they have flexibility – can we entice them to be more flexible?2.    Price (Value)/effort ratios – where do we generate the most value for equivalent amounts of effort?Recommendations:3.    Capacity Management Strategy – which product/service should be ourpriority, where are there opportunities for improving value/effort ratios?4.    Demand Management Strategy – what are our customers tolerances for changes in lead time based on changes to the price we charge, are there opportunities to cultivate higher thresholds of tolerance?5.    Supplier/Customer Relationship Management Strategy – do we have strong relationships where we feel we can mutually profit from chainging situations, how would we improve the relationship, how woul we improve the conditions for mutually profitable gain?


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