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 You will write a short (no longer than one page) survey to be distributed amongst class members.  This survey is a primary source of research that you will use in order to tailor your PERSUASIVE SPEECH to the class.  Your goal is to find out what they know about your topic, what position do they take, or any recommendations they have for change.  For example, if you wanted to persuade the class to donate blood, you may ask “Have you ever donated blood? Yes or No.  If no, why not?”  You could find out what is preventing them from doing the action that you wish to persuade them to do and address those reasons in your speech. Your survey WILL include a mixture of 2 of each of the following types of questions (6 total questions):

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• Fixed Alternative (true or false, yes or no, multiple choice)

• Scale (on a scale of 1-10 or Strongly Disagree-Strongly Agree)

• Open-ended (short answer)  

Be sure not to ask two questions in one.  Also, do not word your questions in such a way that they force the audience to a particular answer.  For example “Do you like to be happy?  Yes or No.” 33 copies of this survey will be due on day noted in the syllabus.  Yes, 33 copies.  Now, that does not mean you need 33 full page copies.  Make the font as small as you like and copy and paste the survey as many times as you can onto one page (so if you can fit 6 on a page, it’ll only be 6 pages of printing). You will then cut them individually so you are able to pass them out to the entire class. 

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