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This part of the application packet is due for ALL students enrolled in SWK 2250.  It consists of a two-page paper regarding the impact this course could have on your chosen profession. This should include core values and how you might embed these to the benefit the population(s) of your future workplace.

Instructions for Impact Paper

Prepare an impact paper that is no longer than two (2) pages (these are the body of the paper and do not account for the expected title page and reference page), double spaced, and in 12-point font. You may organize it however you choose but please include the following:

The reason for your enrolling in this course;

What are the personal and societal factors that influenced your decision to major in your current major;

What have you learned from your Introduction to Social Work course that will impact the personal strengths and challenges in your chosen profession? How will you include your knowledge of social work values, ethics and response to diverse population groups and/or populations at risk in your chosen profession?

Use APA 6th Edition formatting.

Text Book Intro To Social Work & Social Welfare – Critical Thinking Perspectives 5e

Karen K. Kirst-Ashman

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