Take the position of the moderator between president arnoz and nsfs

Your first paragraph will be your opening. This paragraph should discuss the facts involved in the arbitration, and with which party you have sided.



For the middle three paragraphs, describe three separate issues that support your holdings.



Your final paragraph will be your summation.


Much of the apparel sold on Aragon State University’s (ASU) campus comes from factories in developing countries or countries in the process of becoming industrialized. Factory owners in these developing countries sign contracts with U.S. companies to produce clothing.


A local newspaper has reported that workers in factories that make ASU’s clothing are paid very low wages, beaten by factory guards, and forced to work many hours of overtime. A group of students feels that these conditions violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly Article 25, which guarantees every person “the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family.” These students form an organization called No Sweats from Sweatshops (NSFS) whose goal is to stop the university from selling clothing made in exploitative factories. NSFS organizes a boycott of ASU clothing until the university president agrees to listen to the group’s concerns.


At the meeting with President William Arnoz, NSFS president Katie LeFevre states the students’ position: “NSFS does not want our university to make money on the backs of factory workers who are paid wages below even what their own country’s government calls a ‘living wage.’ We demand that the university join the Universities for Fair Wages Association. All the schools in the association have pledged to sell only clothing from U.S. companies that guarantee the factories they use meet the association’s code of humane conduct.”


President Arnoz states the university’s position: “The university has no control over working conditions in these factories. In fact, many of these workers are paid better wages than most other people in their countries. If the U.S. companies pulled out of these countries, thousands of workers would be unemployed. Joining the Universities for Fair Wages Association costs a lot of money, which we would have to pass on to students through higher tuition. We would also have to pay a lot more for clothing made by companies that guarantee certain labor conditions. That means customers would have to pay much more for the clothing in our shop. The state has entrusted me with the job of making decisions for all students and faculty. Tactics such as boycotts are attempts to intimidate me into changing those decisions. A university is not a democracy, and I will not be bullied into changing my mind.”


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