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Paper:  Select a chronic disease that is a burden to a specific population in a country other than the United States.  Choose an exposure and utilize the research process to determine if the disease and exposure are related. Write an 8 to10 page double spaced paper including the following headings:  title page, study question, selection of study approach, study design and data collection, analysis of data, reporting of findings, and references.  References are not included in the page count.  A description of each heading is below.  


Presentation: Based on your findings (that were shared in the paper), implement a program/project that will significantly decrease or eliminate the chronic disease.  State how your group will plan, assess, and evaluate the proposed program/project.  Design a PowerPoint presentation (10 to 15 slides) including the following:  chronic disease and country information, proposed program/project, assessment, evaluation, and references.  References are not included in the page count.  A description of each heading is below.  

I’m assigned the “Designing of study and collection of data: 2 to 3 pages

(thorough explanation of how the study was designed and how data was collected)” 


for the presentation, I’m assigned “assessment” 

Assessment:  2 to 3 slides

Include information stating how the proposed program/project will be assessed to determine if it is effective.  How will you determine if the proposed program/project actually decreases or eliminates the chronic disease?  Are individuals being observed?  

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