Technical writing week 8 | English homework help

  Format your response as a 750 to 1,000-word memo addressed to me, and include the following topic headings (which are implied by the instructions in Exercise 2):

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Please provide as many details about your writing struggle as possible

Academic level of your paper

Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

Purpose Explain your purpose in writing the memo, and preview the main topics to be addressed in the body of the memo.

Report Elements Keeping in mind that one or more of the reports you chose might be preliminary, describe the elements of each report you examined. Does each report possess all the elements? If not, what’s missing and why?

Writing Style Before analyzing the writing style used in the reports, review Chapter 4 and the presentation in Bb titled “How to Write Clearly and Concisely.In your analysis, refer to specific aspects of writing style, such as sentence length; close proximity of verbs to subjects; use of clear, concise, precise language; limited use of “be” verbs; and use of active voice vs passive voice; elimination of redundancies and double negatives.

Illustrations Describe the types of illustrations used in the reports. Are some types more common than others?

Accident Descriptions Explain the extent to which the descriptions of each accident are satisfactory. Are some more detailed than others? Why?

Evidence of Causes Explain the extent to which the reports provide clear, convincing evidence of what caused the accident (keeping in mind that one or more of the reports you chose might be preliminary).

Recommended Changes Explain the extent to which the reports make a persuasive case for changes that improve safety?

Conclusion What is your overall evaluation of the examples you examined?

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