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Technology & Motivation Flyer


Imagine you are a teacher at a local elementary school. Teachers at your school are not convinced that technology is appropriate for 5-year-old children. You believe that technology such as tablets does have a place in kindergarten. You know that there are many educational apps that children love to play with, and you believe that there are many benefits from such activity. To share your point of view with your colleagues, you decide to prepare a teacher handout on the use of technology and extrinsic motivation.

Assignment Instructions:

Use Microsoft Word to create a flyer for your colleagues on the topic of the use of technology and extrinsic motivation. Explain extrinsic motivation and then give three examples in which learning will probably be enhanced through the use of technology for the child who is extrinsically motivated.

How To Create a Flyer Using Word:

· Option 1: Type “flyer” in a New Document template search, and select a template.

· Option 2: Create an original flyer in a blank document using “Insert”, and select various shapes. Select “Insert text box” to add text. Under “Insert” select “Picture” to add or upload pictures to enhance your flyer.

· Option 3: Use the “Design” tab to experiment with various themes from the drop-down menu.


· Be creative- enhance your flyer with colors, graphics, and creative font.

· Be organized- ensure your flyer is clean and attention-getting without extraneous details.

· Be succinct- make sure that the text is minimal, easy to read, and accurate.

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