Television script | Literature homework help

Throughout this course, you have examined various cultures and the way
your cultures influence your communication with individuals from other
cultures. For this Assignment, you will integrate this new knowledge
into a short television script that incorporates threecharacters from
diverse cultures and subcultures who are mostly effective
intercultural communicators, although one of them needs to be an
ineffective intercultural communicator.

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Television script | Literature homework help
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Your characters might include a European American country woman from
Iowa who is a star athlete and graphic designer; an Asian city man
from Los Angeles who is a rapper and also works the computer help
desk; or an African-American marketing specialist from Chicago. Your
characters will interact in a professional workplace setting. Once the
script is written, you will write a 400 word explanation for each
character explaining why each character acts the way she or he does.
This is the most important part. Your script should take account of
the legitimate behaviors within cultures and not be satisfied with the
stereotypes associated with them. Research in this area is essential
in order to prove “legitimate cultural norms,” and to support your
statements. Personal knowledge and experience is not enough.

To help you create your characters, check out “Creating Characters for
a Multicultural Scene” in Doc Sharing. You do not need to take every
suggestion the document offers, but the information can help you start
thinking about who your characters might be. Once you have created the
characters, you will imaginatively put them in the scene and let them

Follow these “Assignment specifics” to meet all the requirements:

·             The assignment must adhere to APA style, for which you
can find an introduction in the APA Quick Reference Guide in Course

·             There is no need for citation or referencing in the actual script.

·             You do need to use sources and to parenthetically cite
them in the character explanation section.

·             Include reference list at the end.

·             Create three characters of different cultural backgrounds.

·             One character must be ineffective in intercultural communication.

·             The characters must interact in a professional workplace setting.

·             Provide a script that includes at least two group
conversations with all the characters. Characters may interact
one-on-one as well, but the two group scenes are required.

·             Provide a script that includes sample dialogue and
interaction. Put each character’s dialogue in quotations EX: “Why did
you do that, Aziz?” on a separate line preceded by the character’s
name. Include actions in parentheses EX: (shakes arm).

·             For each character, include a minimum 400 word
explanation about the character’s culture and actions, based on
cultural research. Explain why the characters act or react this way,
from a cultural point of view. Include source support and
parenthetical citations in these summaries to meet the requirements

·             Use a minimum of five sources about the cultures
represented in the script. These could include the course textbook,
readings from the course, resources from the Kaplan library, and print
or electronic publications.

Arrange the assignment paper in the following order:

·             Introduction of characters and setting

·             Scenes

·             Character explanations with appropriate parenthetical citations

·             Reference page

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