The big picture: ww ii “s”, the phenomenon of teenage runaways in

Research paper will be due in class Friday 13 April 2018.
Its length must be around 1,250 words every one of them in 12 point
The list of
Works Cited
must include minimum two different critical essays—scholarly journal essays. Each article may be about “W?” or “S” or both, but the two articles you use must mention both, not just two articles on only one story.
Follow MLA 7th edition format, which includes “reverse-paragraph indentation,” periods separating the parts of each entry, double spacing throughout, nice dark black 12-point type, 1” left margin and1.5” right.
The 102 research paper is worth 40% of your final grade.
Juxtapose texts topically in every body paragraph. Topics common to both these stories: sex, class—socio-economic class, physical beauty, violence, parenting, lying, character names, demonology, intelligence, insanity, cyclical plot, numerology,


The big picture:  WW II “S”, the phenomenon of teenage runaways in the mid-1960s

Place a clear thesis—to push up into the A range not just a list—at the end or “point” of the introduction.
Online databases:
Gale Literature Resource Center
Academic Onefile
Academic Search Complete
Literary Criticism Online
Most Pierce College readers of “The Swimmer” and “Where . . . ?” are prejudiced in favor of Connie and against Neddy Merrill. The age and the sexual prejudices shared by these two stories, are pretty clear.
Almost nothing in literary criticism outweighs your discovering patterns in the texts: vocabulary (names), syntax (the driveway sentence and the “Hey, how old are you?” in “Where . . . ?”, imagery (breathing), ideas. For example, the vocabulary word “familiar” recurs in “Where . . . ? eight or ten or more times. That makes readers wonder what more it may mean in that story than just “prior knowledge” as in, “Oh, yeah, I’m familiar with that movie.”

A pattern of imagery in “Where . . . ?” is sexual innuendo: “cokes in wax cups that were always sweating” and “the humid night air of July”.
Both stories contain allusions to, among other things, the novel The Great Gatsby. The Russian author Leo Tolstoy wrote another adultery novel, Anna Karenina, in which, at the end, Anna throws herself in front of a train and, unlike Willy Loman, successfully kills herself because she has been caught in adultery and in 19th Century Russia is publicly outed and shamed. So in “The Swimmer” when Neddy imagines the “provincial station” having standing on the platform, a waiter, a dwarf, and a woman who had been crying, inductively one answers the question “What does this odd passage mean?” with therecognition of allusion to the novel.
The two stories of this assignment is short story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” byJoyce Oates.. and the swimmer by John Cheever
I’m looking for a C on this assignment if you are able to help
The profs rules
this research paper needs to make a claim, a real thesis, in paragraph one, the introductory paragraph. Then, in every single body paragraph (in-between paragraphs) one must juxtapose texts topically. One of the emails contains around 6 very general body paragraph topics, but there are many more.

Finally, the conclusion ought to be selective, not summary.  One looks back at what all he or she has written and re-emphasizes a couple of really good points proven in the body of the essay.

Of course one must refer specifically in MLA 7th–not 8th–style, to the two stories. And he or she must explain the references, quote or paraphrase.

There is no question or prompt. Your claim or “thesis” will arise out of class notes and your research. This is like university work:  professors note on their syllabus when a paper is due, but if it is not an exam, they do NOT give prompts or ask questions. One gets an idea of what claim to make in paragraph 1, then prove below, from lecture at the university.
7 comma limits, use semicolons to connect continuous thought
Of course gotta pull from database
Pretty short paper 1245 word count  avoid plagiarism

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