The Carbon Cycle

1. How are the human-caused mass extinctions in the past (Dodo, Passenger Pigeon, etc.) different from what is happening today?2. How has our search for cheap energy in fossil fuels changed in the last two decades? How has this affected the environment?3. In Florida, what does the term “sunny day flooding” mean, and why is this happening?4. Who is funding anti-climate change propaganda, and why?5. What has happened in and around Beijing, China, that has led to environmental protesting? How is China addressing theseenvironmental issues?6. How is the climate change issue even more complex for India? What are they focused on, according to the film?7. What function(s) does the ocean do for our climate and society? Why is it not doing this job?8. Explain why and how forests store carbon. Try to link the information from the film with your understanding of the carbon cycle (from previous lectures).9. What is a “carbon footprint?” How can reducing the amount of beef you consume lower your carbon footprint?10. What is the purpose of the Tesla Gigafactory?11. Explain how a carbon tax works.12. Describe one of the tipping points that could affect the Earth’s ecosystems.13. Describe the purpose and key outcomes of the Paris Climate Summit of 2015.14. How does precipitation change due to climate change?15. Why is the Pope’s announcement so important?16. Ultimately, what solutions or courses of action does this film suggest for combating climate change?


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