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The Case of Dominic 

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Ever since Dominic could remember, he wanted to attend college. Yes, there were people including his teachers who had encouraged him, but something deep inside him had kept pushing him forward. He knew he needed a college education to make a good life for himself. 

After the first day of classes, Dominic smiled and said to himself, “I’m here. I’ve achieved my dreams to go to college!” Recently, Dominic’s advisor asked if he had written his long term goals and the steps and he will take to achieve those goals. Dominic had never given that much thought. Yesterday, he told a friend, “If I come to class, pass my exams, and make it to the next term, isn’t that good enough? I don’t see the need for writing goals. It seems like a complication. After all, things change along the way” 

Lately, though, Dominic has found it more difficult to remain focused on his studies. His direction seems fuzzy, and his motivation seems to be faltering. Procrastination has crept into his life, and he is falling behind in his classes. Earlier today, he confided to his advisor, “I know I have to stay motivated and remember why I am here. But staying motivated and focused on where I am going has become increasingly difficult.” 

Assignment: This week we discussed taking personal responsibility. Using the concepts learned this week with the use of vocabulary and having a creator mind, evaluate

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