The Civil Rights Movement

*THIS IS NOT A MOVIE REVIEW, SUMMARY or REFLECTION PAPER*Assignment:  You are to answer the questions below based on what you have now learning. You can use your textbook, lecture, and outside sources as reputable sources to do so. You will watch the film as a visual aid!  It will “bring to life” what you are learning and reading about in the course.  (Remember: the paper is not a movie review, summary or reflection paper of the film.)Paper 3: The film “Dead Presidents” depicts the home-front and warfront experiences of urban African American men and women during the Vietnam War era as the Civil Rights Movement concluded.  As you watch the film, pay close attention to how the Civil Rights Movement transitioned and what black soldiers experienced at home and abroad.  Also pay attention towhat the American urban environment was like in the 1970s and 1980s. Required Assignment Format:Final paper should be in Microsoft Word or PDF, format for submission into blackboard.4-5 pages in content (No Title Page (you will use the header below instead)).  The Work Cited/Bibliographypage can fall on page 5 or 6.12 Times New Roman Font.Double spaced.Standard 1” margins.a minimum of 4 primary and/or secondary sources.Citations must me formatted in MLA or Chicago Manual Style    **Film Reviews ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE SOURCES**Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.**Only reputable and/or academic sources will be accepted.The Header– PUT THIS IN THE REAL HEADER SPACE AT THE TOP OF THE FIRST PAGE & IT WILL APPEAR ON ALL PAGES.Last Name, First Name                                        Paper 3                              AAFS 219    BurnsSpring 2021**Submit the paper in blackboard by 11:59 on its due date.  Later papers will not be accepted. Papers not in Microsoft Word or PDF format will not be readable through blackboard and will result in a 0 grade!**Papers that do not follow the guidelines/format above will automatically be reduced 1 point.Questions to Answer:How did the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s impact the experiences of African American soldiers on the war-front in Vietnam?  What were black veterans confronted with upon their return to the urban American home-front (aka civilian life) when their enlistment ended?  What factors explain the experience in urban America for black veterans and the black community as a whole in the 1970s and 1980s?Helpful Hints:Remember, you are telling me WHAT YOU THINK based on what you now know.  Since the paper is short, but the questions are very broad, you will not be able to include everything you think and would like to say. Instead, you should pick and analyze two-to-three main points you deem the most relevant and explain them well. The most successful papers will have a concise thesis, be well organized, and properly cited.  Remember, you have lecture notes, additional sources, and the required readings to base your answers on. The film serves as a visual aid and can be used ONLY as a citation to a specific point you are making—DO NOT review or summarize the scene in your paper.


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