The cost of an outbreak of a high-risk disease (presentation)












Apply major organizational perspectives and theories to real problems facing health services organizations.










Those working in the healthcare field are faced with a multitude of challenges and risks on a daily basis. Some of those challenges and risks are not visible to the human eye and can have a major impact on healthcare staff and communities.

You have been chosen to be part of a new task force created by the Mayor Venues Fusion of Gotham City. The task force is looking at budgetary shortfalls and city-wide preparedness of disasters for the coming fiscal year. You have been assigned to explore the cost of an outbreak of an easily spreadable high-risk disease.

For this assignment, you will focus on exploring how best to create a presentation to present to the mayor addressing the outbreak of a disease in Gotham City, a poverty-stricken city. You may pick a disease of your choice.

To complete your assigned duties for the task force you will need to create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 13 slides:

  • Introduction Slides (3 to 4 slides) – The introduction should cover the following:
  • Plan of Action (8 to 10 slides) – Address the outbreak’s effect on and use of resources including manpower, money, and medicine.
  • Conclusion (2 to 3 slides) – Present the best course of action to treat and contain the outbreak. Highlight the use of resources and overall impact on the community suffering from the outbreak.
  • A separate, last slide for a Reference list in APA formatting.


NOTE – APA formatting for the references slide and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required. APA help is available from this link – APA

If you are new to creating a PowerPoint presentation, visit the following free tutorial websites:

Grading Rubric


0 1 2 3 4
Not Submitted No Pass Competence Proficiency Mastery
Not Submitted Did not explain outbreak risks and did not provide an example of risks. Did not touch on social economic demographics and impact of the disease on the community. Chose an easily spreadable disease and community but provided limited background details. Chose an easily spreadable disease and community affected. Adds brief details about the community in which the disease has affected. Provided an overview addressing an outbreak of high-risk disease in a local community. Included background information on the local community social economic demographics.
Not Submitted Did NOT address the use of resources including manpower, money, and medicine. Action plan is limited and narrow in scope in addressing the outbreak. Briefly address a plan of action and covers some resource areas such as manpower, money, and medicine in the treatment and containment but the action plan is limited in scope. Provides a plan of action but pieces are missing from the implementation process. Resources are touched on but not expanded in- depth. Provided 8-10 Slides; addressing the use of resources including manpower, money, and medicine in the treatment and containment of the outbreak. Plan of action is broad in scope and covers different avenues of containment.
Not Submitted Presents a conclusion but does not cover plan effectiveness or effects on the community. Presents a conclusion but not clear on the most effective and efficient way to address the outbreak, does not address community effects. Presents a conclusion on the best approach to containment of the outbreak, discuss some effects on the community. Conclusion 2-3 Slides; address the effective and efficient action plan to implement. Highlights effects on resources and affected community.
Not Submitted The Reference list is NOT set up per APA rules, using correct formatting for margins, font, spacing and is NOT in alphabetical order as required. The Reference list demonstrates some of the APA rules of formatting, but omits margins, font, and indentation formatting, along with omitting alphabetical listing of entries. The Reference List demonstrates majority APA rules of formatting correctly, follows margin and fonts rule, and most correct alphabetical entries, but omits double spacing and hanging indent for second lines as required. The Reference list exhibits excellent attention to formatting with fonts, margins, spacing, and alphabetical entry correctly applied per APA formatting standards.
Not Submitted Grammar detracts from the organization and focus. Errors in punctuation and form are present. Grammar is mostly solid, and this largely complements the organization and focus. Very basic mastery of punctuation and form. Grammar is solid, and this complements the organization and focus. Proper use of punctuation and form with minimal errors. Grammar is strong, and this complements the organization and focus. Proper use of punctuation and form Evidence of good writing.

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