The crucified jesus | Social Science homework help


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The crucified jesus | Social Science homework help
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The Crucified Jesus

 Bock raises the question of how the person and teaching of a crucified Jesus (cf. Luke 24:1-9) fits into God’s plan. Jesus is no longer physically present with them, yet he is at the center of God’s work in the book of Acts. The church, which Luke does not mention in his gospel, exalts this slain Jesus, viewing him as the consummation of God’s promises (2). Cory informs the reader that the use of drama (she calls them dramatic episodes) has the purpose of “advancing the agenda of the author” whose primary purpose is to relay a message (270). It is in these dramatic episodes that the message of Jesus is given.

Question: In light of this, please discuss all three issues of the following:

 How would and could consummation come through Jesus, based on Luke’s portrait of him? Discuss how the book of Acts supplies the major answers to the questions raised by Bock, emphasizing the exaltation of Jesus, built on the groundwork in Luke’s gospel that present the Christology that underlies the exaltation. How does Luke use the dramatic episodes to do this?


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