The major document for this class is the formal report. it is due on

The major document for this class is the Formal Report. It is due on Wednesday of Week Four by 11:59 PM Eastern time. You will use the example found on pages 417-430 of your textbook for FORMAT ONLY. Please review the sections that should be included as indicated below. Use ONLY third person for this assignment. Your paper will need to identify a problem and three potential solutions. As part of this assignment, you must determine the topic.  As part of this assignment you will maintain a BLOG and plan, draft and share your work in progress. Requirements for the BLOG can be found in the link each week marked Formal Report Workspace.




Here is a list of requirements for this assignment:

  • This report MUST be 1500-1800 words. The 1500 minimum word requirement includes the LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL (no more than one page), EXECUTIVE SUMMARY( no more than one page), and the BODY of the report (minimum of 1000 words). The Title Page, Table of Contents, and the References Page DO NOT count in the required word count. Papers with less than 1500 words will earn a grade deduction based on a percentage of words submitted to words required. Papers exceeding the maximum will receive deductions, as well. The key here is to address the material directly.
  • You must use five academic sources obtained from one of the databases in the Keiser eLibrary. No more than one book (print) should be used.
  • You must use in-text citations in APA Style. Failure to use in-text citations or to cite properly could result in a zero for this assignment since it could be considered plagiarized. NOTE!: The example in the book uses MLA format. Keiser University has determined that APA Style is more relevant to its degree programs. Therefore, you MUST use APA format. Please see the information provided in your book and in this course regarding APA format. Note that the APA format indicates REFERENCES and not WORKS CITED.
  • If any part of this report is plagiarized, you will receive a zero for this assignment. Earning a zero for this assignment can potentially result in failure of this course by default. All instances of plagiarism, whether intentional or not, are reported to university administration and to relevant deans, and is made a permanent part of your academic record. Please avoid this!
  • Use one-inch margins all around. Use Times New Roman font – 12 point. No other font will be accepted. If your paper is submitted in a different font, it is subject to a penalty. Save yourself the points!
  • Save your report in Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc). 

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