The Peds Clinical Rotation

Please take time to reflect on your Peds clinical observation day and write at least 3 pages about it. This activity is worth 30 points (in place of the journal article review).Here are some questions to help guide you: -What did you like about Children’s hospital? What didn’t you like?-Did you notice any differences from a children’s hospital versus the adult hospitals you have been in?-Did you get to observe anything interesting, sad, exciting, scary? Focus on how positive and optimistic the kids are during their hard time fighting with disease at the hospital-What did you see in place to protect staff, patients, and visitors from COVID-19?-How do you think COVID-19 has impacted being a nursing student?  Anything good or bad?-Did you think you wanted to go into Peds and now you have changed your mind?-Did you think you did not want to go into Peds and have now changed your mind?-Is there anything else you observed that you want to share?


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