Three pages response of the film “from this day forward”, by sharon

1) the documentary film, “

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From This Day Forward

”, by Sharon Shattuck, about her father’s 

experience as a transgender person. The documentary is available on CD at the University Main 

Library (on reserve), and for streaming in this website

forward/ (we obtained a special access to the fil for this class). It is also available from Amazon, 

iTunes and VHX (for a fee).  

2) The second documentary is 

“The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson”

, by David France, about 

a critical figure in the gay and transgender movements. It is available on Netflix. The instructions 

for writing this three-page paper are the same as for the first paper.  Explain what you found 

interesting in the film you chose, making connections with class material, going straight to the 

point, and avoiding long descriptions, definitions or quotations. REMEMBER TO CITE YOUR 

SOURCES IF YOU USE ANY, otherwise it is plagiarism! Upload the paper on Canvas under 


After watching one of these two films, write a three-page response (12-point font-Times New 

Roman, double-spaced). What aspects of the film caught your attention? Why? Most importantly, 

what aspects of the film can you relate to the topics we have read about and discussed in class (the 

construction of identity, class identity, social mobilization, race identity, gender identity, sexual 

orientation and identity, etc. and their intersections)? Given the page limitations, it is better for you 

to go straight to the point rather than devoting space to long introductions, descriptions, quotations 

or definitions. The purpose of the paper is to reflect and find connections with the course material 

(readings, discussions, presentations, etc.). Be sure to demonstrate that you watched the entire film 

and not just a portion of it. REMEMBER TO CITE YOUR SOURCES IF YOU USE ANY, 

otherwise it is plagiarism!

When Grading the papers, I ask these questions


Does the paper demonstrate that the student watched the whole documentary and has done the 


Does the paper show the ability of the student to think critically and apply the material learned in 

class to a specific case? 

Does the paper have a clear, arguable thesis?

Is the paper organized and logically structured?

Is the prose readable and appealing, and the paper well presented with no typos, repetitions or 

incomplete sentences?

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