To demonstrate effective oral communication skills, you will use your

To demonstrate effective oral communication skills, you will use your research project information to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation.  In your presentation, you will identify the selected organizational problem or issue of concern, propose a course of action to improve organizational effectiveness, and recommend appropriate evaluation (follow-up) criteria for determining resolution of the problem or issue.  Your presentation should be developed as if to present information to the CEO or owner of the organization. Your narrated PowerPoint presentation must include the following:

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  Identification of the problem/issue (including description, cause and organizational impact)


  Organizational behavior concepts and/or theories related to the problem/issue


Possible behavioral strategies to address the problem/issue and improve organizational effectiveness


Proposed course of action for the organization (including goals, resources, and implementation plan)


Recommended follow-up actions (evaluation) to assess whether or not the problem/issue has been resolved.


Evidence of effective communication skills (both written and oral)


Create 6-10 narrated slides (not including title and reference slides).  using MS PowerPoint

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