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Format for the essay: MS Word document; At least 10 and no more than 15 double-spaced typed pages (not including the cover page and reference page)

Prepare a written essay on any business law topic that concerns you.  Address the legal considerations of your issue.  Topic choices include, but are not limited to, global warming, peak oil, executive compensation, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, stock market options backdating, bailout of companies involved in subprime lending contracts, urban drilling, environmental issues, your business law professor (just kidding-this one is off limits), etc.

All essays will be submitted to by the professor.  Any essay receiving an originality rating greater than 25% will not be accepted and will be given a grade of 0.  No exceptions.  Refer to the TCC Student Handbook section on plagiarism if you have any questions regarding what constitutes plagiarism.

Write at least ten and no more than fifteen double-spaced typed pages, 12 point font, addressing the above issue.  Your answer is due as discussed in the Syllabus and scheduled in the Course Organizer.  Submit your written essay per the directions below.   Essays that do not meet the minimum standards in these instructions will receive a grade of 0. 

Grading rubric:  100 points total

Written essay:  100 points total

    1.  Content-60 points

    2.  Grammar-20 points

    3.  Writing style-20 points

Procedure for uploading file:

  • Pick a directory/folder to save your document on your personal computer or other external drive (e.g. a USB thumb drive).
  • Save your Word document in the directory/folder as: “Individual Project_firstinitial.lastname”
  • From inside the assignment (click on Small Group Project/Individual Project above), look for the “attach file” field and hit the browse button.
  • Search your computer/thumb drive for the file you just saved.
  • Open the file. You should now see the file path for your Word document in the “attach file” field.
  • If the file path appears to be correct, hit “attach file.”

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