Treatment strategies and treatment objectives

For this Assignment, complete the below checklist by supplying the treatment objective to match the treatment strategy provided. You may add your responses to the checklist template provided.


Below the chart, answer each question by providing a short one-paragraph response for each of the four questions, including proper citation to authority. Be sure to use at least two credible sources in your short responses and add a properly formatted reference page.

(Download Checklist Template)

Treatment Strategy: Traditional or Innovative? Objective?
Juvenile Diversion    
Juvenile/Community Assessment Centers    
Work Readiness Programs    
Multisystemic Therapy    
Functional Family Therapy    
Restorative Justice Practices    
  1. What is the benefit of juvenile diversion over more traditional dispositions in juvenile delinquency cases?
  2. Provide an example (through research) of one job readiness program and describe its objective and general process.
  3. Visit the Juvenile Assessment Center website provided to familiarize yourself with active Juvenile Assessment Center, Describe , and identify one characteristic of that program that you find productive and useful to those utilizing the program. Juvenile Assessment Center: Retrieved from
  4. How do the objectives of juvenile detention and incarceration differ from those of more innovative treatment strategies?

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