Two assignment of community and service


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Mini-Lecture: This week we will expand our focus on the skills and characteristics that enhance volunteer effectiveness. A desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE must be accompanied by attitudes and skills that help us relate and interact effectively in our make a difference efforts. We may be working with children, young people, adults, or older citizens etc., as we try to effect individual change. When we are working to change environmental conditions we may be working with company or community leaders, colleagues, politicians, and others to implement programs or to assist with programs, or possibly to find resources for programs that we believe will have a positive impact on the lives of people in communities.

There are characteristics that could be considered essential characteristics and behaviors for effective volunteers. We need to look carefully at the characteristics that enhance our effectiveness as volunteers. This is a focus on effective use of self in helping others.

Here is the assignment:

Please choose five (5) characteristics that you consider essential for every volunteer to develop and cultivate.

Discuss each of those characteristics and why they are essential for delivery of meaningful volunteer services.
Discuss how these characteristics might affect the volunteer/recipient interaction.
Discuss how these characteristics might affect the developing of a helping relationship.
Discuss how these characteristics might affect the overall outcome of your volunteer efforts.

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“Thinking About Me and Others”
A reflective and self-disclosure writing exercise


The post should be 500-700 words in length.


You should answer 4 questions. It’s in the second doc.


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