Two fiction short stories (compare & contrast)



 comparing and contrasting two pieces of fiction not discussed in class and analyzing the cultural relevance and effect of those two pieces. These papers should use both the two primary sources and at least two secondary critical sources to support one’s ideas. The word “I” should never be used in this paper—it is not an opinion paper, but a critical analysis. It should be between 1250-1500 words, not included the gorgeous Works Cited page attached. The grade for this paper will be earned according to the following rubric: 

Assignment Requirements: Did you fulfill all the requirements of this paper? (Word count, formatting, sources used, etc.) <3 points. 

Argument: Is your argument clear and concise? Does it answer the primary question in a way I can understand? <3 points. 

Support: Did you use quotes from both primary and secondary sources to support the validity of your argument? Did you cite your sources? <4 points. 

Insight: How much depth of thought did you bring to this paper? <4 points.
Grammar: Did you make sure there are no grammar, spelling, or other errors in this paper? <3 points. Works Cited Page: Do you have a properly formatted and complete Works Cited page? <3 points. 

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