Types Of Government Policy

In neoclassical growth models, the sources of growth – technological advancement – is exogenous. Therefore, such models describe how an economy grows, but not why it grows.To overcome this shortcoming, several growth models have been developed to make growth endogenous. In contrast to neoclassical growth theory, endogenous growth theory argues that policy measures (such as subsidies on R&D and education, for example) can have a long-run positive impact on the economy and its growth rate.Assignment Instructions:Write an essay discussing the similarities and the differences between the exogenous and endogenous growth theories, and their impact on long-run economic growth.Your paper should be structured as follows and address the topics below:Cover page(on the cover page, add the title of your paper, your full name, the course title, instructor’s name, the school’s name, and the date)1. Introduction2.  Summarize the role of technology in providing long-term economic growth (according to the exogenous growth theory).3. Discuss the impact of different types of government policy (according to the endogenous growth theory) on the long-term growth rate of an economy.4.  Conclusio    ReferencesMake sure to break your paper down into sections and title each of the sections of your paper, including the introduction and conclusion.Do NOT include an abstract since it is mostly used in serious research papers, publishable papers, dissertations, etc. rather than in short student papers.Please note that the best practice in academia is to use at least 3 sources in each of your essays. Such sources as Wikipedia, Investopedia, Study.com, etc., should NOT be used in your paper because they are not peer-reviewed and, therefore, might not be accurate or credible enough.Complete your essay in a Microsoft Word document in APA, 7th Edition format.


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